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The Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW was formed in December 1979 to cater for owners and enthusiasts of Austin motor vehicles. We became incorporated in 1990 and are also affiliated with the Council of Motor Clubs, NSW.

The aim of our club is to bring together people with a common interest in the enjoyment of all Austin Motor Vehicles regardless of vehicle age, model, body style, method of manufacture or country of origin.

There's a high level of technical expertise amongst our membership with advice and assistance always available to those in need.

Our Club participates in the NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) Conditional Registration Scheme (HVS).

The Austin Motor Vehicle Club is very active with a monthly club meeting and one or two social events or drives per month. Members also receive a monthly club magazine via email.

Our club is renowned for being a very friendly club and we try to make visitors and new members feel welcome.

We recognise that it's more enjoyable if the whole family can be involved and accordingly the club arranges events and guest speakers that are of interest to the ladies as well.

We recognise that it's more enjoyable if the whole family can be involved and accordingly our club arranges events and guest speakers that are of interest to the ladies as well.


Membership is available to everyone, with ownership of an Austin vehicle not being an essential qualification.
Membership forms can be downloaded from our forms page.

Austin cars parked in Canberra
Austin cars at the Australiana Village in Wilberforce

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every second month: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov. 
Meetings commence at 7:30pm

The meetings are currently held at:
Strathfield Golf Club
52 Weeroona Road
Strathfield NSW

Our meetings while having a set agenda to cover, are friendly and informal, and cover a variety of topics including:
* Reports on social events and drives
* For sales and wanted
* Technical queries and information
* A guest speaker
* Other matters concerning the club and members

You don't need a Austin to attend our club outings but even if you feel that you can't come along to a Club drive because your car isn't on the road yet, the meetings are a great way to meet the other members and learn lots about your car in the process.

Club Library

The club owns an extensive collection of Austin Workshop Manuals and Motoring Books. These are available for loan by club members. 

Conditional Registration Scheme

The historic vehicle conditional registration scheme (HVS) is one of the great advantages of being a member of the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW. To be eligible to operate under this scheme the vehicle must be at least 30 years old and as close to original specifications as possible, with no modifications. Some period accessories and safety improvements may be acceptable. We will inspect the vehicle to ensure it complies. But will not verify its roadworthiness.

Conditional registration is considerably cheaper than full registration, and allows access to cheaper car insurance.
Vehicles registered under this scheme can only be used on club organised events. However, HVS allows participation in the current 60 day logbook trial, which allows an additional 60 days per year for maintenance, to join other club runs, and for personal use. However, insurance policies for HVS vehicles usually limit use to "for pleasure only", meaning that they cannot be used daily, to drive to work, or for grocery shopping etc.

To access the HVS via our club you must be a financial member of our club and be willing to join in with some club activities. Unfortunately, if you live too far from Sydney or other circumstances prevent your participation in any club meetings or in any of our regular monthly events we will be unable to assist with your HVS certification.

Contact our Historic Plates Registrar if you're interested in putting your Austin onto historic vehicle registration. Application forms can be downloaded from our forms page.

The First 10 Years

The Austin Motor Vehicle Club (N.S.W.) was formed in December 1979. These members and their wives formed the first committee which is listed below.
B. Franks - President
R. Anderson - Vice President
B. Moore - Secretary, Editor, Events Director and C.V.V.T.M.C. Delegate
A. Moore - Assistant Secretary
D. Quinton - Treasurer.

The 11th October, 1981, saw the first All British Display Day, staged by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club and held at the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. The weather was terrible, but the support given by other clubs and swappers proved that we had a good thing going.
By June, 1983 our membership reached 101.

During the latter part of 1984. a new Constitution was drafted, and was accepted by the AGM and sent to all members in early 1985.

On the 25th August, 1985 the first Concours D'Elegance was held at the Camellia Gardens at Caringbah with the following awards being presented;
Glen Innes Best Vintage 1923 20HP Tourer
Jennette Keir Best Post Vintage 1937 10 HP Sedan
Ken Gardiner Best Post War 1946 8HP Sedan
Evan Hawthorne Best Restoration 1952 A40 Sedan
Ken Gardiner Grand Champion
Clubman of the Year G. Peach, with a special presentation G. Bishop.

During 1985 it was decided to move the All British Day to a larger area and so Endeavour Field, Cronulla was picked. The year also marked the 80th Birthday of Austin, so a special display of Austins was planned. This would represent as many styles and models as practical, and a large cardboard birthday cake. A special medallion was struck and given to any one who turned up on the day in an Austin.

The date for the 1985 All British Day was 13th October, but this time, the weather was a disaster and it did not stop raining all day!

The 1987 Concours Day was held at Centennial Park on June 28th, but the awards were not presented until the First Presentation Dinner on 11th July and was a truly unforgettable night, with great friends, food and entertainment, with the following awards being presented;
Basil Keir Best Vintage 1928 7HP Tourer
Kim Cullen Best Post Vintage/Best Restoration 1939 8HP Tourer
Ken Gardiner Best Post War 1946 8HP Sedan
Evan Hawthorne Best Modern 1952 A40 Sedan
Mike Gilmore Most Commendable 1970 Kimberley
Kim Cullen Grand Champion 1939 8HP Tourer
George and Judy Davies Club Persons of the year.

The 1987 All British Day was held on the 25th October at the Hawkesbury Showground, but because this was the wettest weekend of the spring, only 100 cars were on display, but as usual, the day was not a complete disaster.


Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW

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