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For Sale - Austin Books & Workshop Manuals

All Workshop/Parts List/Service Manuals $20 each + $10 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

All Running & Maintenance Books/Handbooks $10 each + $6 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

All other books $5 each + $6 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

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Chassis for A40 Pickup, (Hi Light)

Contact: Geoff Bryan. 0439 585564. (Member of Shoalhaven HVC)

Added 8-8-2019



Cars For Sale

I wish to sell my Austin A40 Somerset wich is currently off the road and requires restoration.

I also have a Morris Major Elite requiring full restoration and have purchased parts for this as well.

Due to ongoing health issues I am not in a position to do the restoration and have to let them go.

Located Sanctuary Point, NSW

Contact Andre on 02 44438870 or 0408 437 521 or

Added 5-8-2019



For Sale - 1957 Austin Lancer series "1"

Striped out to shell only Ready for sand blast sand Body on good condition, some rust in floor pan and rear sill otherwise surface rust only Comes with :-
4 x spare doors
1 x spare boot lid
1 x front cowl Bumper bars
2 x spare front guards
2 x spare tail shaft
1 x set rear springs rebuilt with new bushes
1 x original motor complete is dismantled and boxed up
1 x 1500cc spare motor complete
1 x 1600cc spare motor with thick plat/rear blocks/rods
1 x 1800cc spare motor block 5 main no crank
1 x gear box in very good condition
2 x gear boxes for spares
1 x rear axel in as new condition ready for use
2 x diff centres very good condition
2 x sets of glass front, rear doors
Number of starter motors/generators/lights etc
AND MUCH MUCH MORE all parts are boxed and labelled
1 x set front suspension ready for use
1 x set front suspension for spares

Unable to finish due to Hand Damage. Located in Bathurst.

$1500.00 FIRM

Phone Pat : 0409913031 or

Added 31-7-2019



Wanted - Austin A90

Looking for an Austin A90. It is for my grandfather who is 91 and always dreamed of having an Austin A90 like he had and loved all those years ago. I would love to find and restore one if needed for him.

Contact Ben on 0424 640 319

Added 28-6-2019


Free to good home

* Road & track, American magazine, 1951 to 1972. Not all there! 3 boxes.

* Motor Sport. English magazine 1960's. Not all there! 3 boxes.

Contact Allan Hogg, Miranda NSW. Ph: 02 9522 8184

Added 16-11-2016



For Sale - Austin 1800 parts

I have several Austin 1800s mark one and two part's for sale, plus one Kimberley, all part's are 2nd hand.

Contact Ron on 0448 267 342 or

Added 14-06-2016