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For Sale - Austin Books & Workshop Manuals

All Workshop/Parts List/Service Manuals $20 each + $10 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

All Running & Maintenance Books/Handbooks $10 each + $6 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

All other books $5 each + $6 postage (Australia only). Overseas will be quoted separately.

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For Sale - Austin J40 Pedal Car

Getting rarer as time goes by. In very good condition, with the steering and pedal motions working. Have new set of tyres and a replacement steering wheel that's needs to be repainted and fitted. Located Windsor NSW


Contact Peter on 0418743103 or

Added 6-11-2018



For Sale-Supercharged 1970 Austin MK II 1800

This is my late father’s project car that he spent a fortune on, I wanted to take it on myself but I fear my lack of time is seeing it degrade.

In a previous life my father was a mechanic and built a few drag cars. This was meant to be his sleeper rocket after a large period away from mechanics. The engine had a complete overhaul and was built for speed sparing no expense - he mentioned it had cost in excess of $25k in 2004 (without the car) . When it was re-assembled he drove less that 20km and something gave out, which for a variety of reasons (mostly a larger project) he never fixed – although he told me that the parts required were purchased (see pictures). I understand that the problem came from a slightly incorrect measurement potentially the stroke length hence the new unused thicker head gasket.

The car can start but it makes a banging sound (no smoke etc) and has only been run to load and unload it from trailers. In addition to this the car requires;

· Suspension re-pumped up – I believe he let it down to fit the Aeon springs

· Some wiring need to be finished and tidied – I am not sure what happened here as it was finished

· Interior finished

It is a straight and clean body, there is now some surface rust now on the pain work now (I have a lot of cans of the colour) but no serious rust.

As he kept a lot of records and documentation/communication on the project I have been able to find over $14k worth of receipts for the larger parts and a lot of information on the build. The supercharger kit alone cost over $6k and the alloys over $2k.

New drive train parts: Autorotor supercharger (MG B 1800 kit), Yella Terra roller rockers , 1800 extractors XLCB - jet hot coated, Waggott cam, Steel cross type inboard universal joints, Differential, Clutch Larger 8.5, drive shaft uni joints, Aeon Springs, new valve guides, seats and valves, HIF SU carburettor

Body/interior: Body/interior, Austin Kimberly interior (I think), Custom alloy wheels, Electric Sun roof, Hand crafted wood dash, New Black carpets, Windshields on both sides, Front Sunvisor, rear venetian blinds, Roof racks, Rear flipper windows from Austin 3 litre, Crown wheel & pinion, Austin Kimberley steering column.

New Spare Parts: Spare Parts, New, Head gaskets, Head Conversion set, Conrad bearings, Cam Shaft, Binged bearings,

Second hand spare parts: Suspension bags, Universal joints, Steel wheels, Head gaskets, Kimberly consoles and arm rest (I think), Lights, lenses, Grill, Starter motor, Rear wheel arms

Other: Hydrolastic pump (for the suspension), Manuals, Documentation for most of the changes, Some original car documentation

The car is located in the Inner west of Sydney.

Contact or 0416 273 322.

See more pictures at:

Added 3-9-2018




I am restoring an Austin A30 and am looking for an Austin A30 Grill Badge at a reasonable price.

Contact David on or 0419 251 036

Added 21-8-2018




A set of rear leaf springs to suit 1935 Austin 16/6. sedan. Can you help me with this please

Contact Ray: phone # 02 4938 6188 or 0407 17 99 53 or

Added 21-8-2018



Various Austin Spares

2 x LH tie rod ends 49-54 Morris 2HP, Wolseley 4/50
1 x RH tie rod ends 54-59 Austin A40, A55, A50
1 x RH tie rod end 55-59 A90, A95
1 x RH tie rod end 57-59 Morris
5 x King Pin Set KX 48 Austin 37-48
1 x King Pin set KT 145 32-33 Morris Cowley
1 x King Pin set KX 11 35-36 Morris

Contact : John 02 9524 9370

Added 22-7-2018



Wanted - Austin 10 boot hinges

I have a 1946 Austin 10 and have been trying for quite a while to obtain a pair of boot hinges. Owing to the car body being manufactured in Australia the hinges are quite different to those affixed in the UK which appear only to use ‘internal hinges’. They are similar to those used in the A40, but smaller. They come in RH & LH units. I think they are the same as fitted to the Austin 8 of similar vintage. I am writing to you to see if anyone may have a spare or two in your spares shed which may be surplus to requirements.

Contact Fred on 08 9310 2475 or

Added 2-7-2018



Searching for previous family car

I'm trying to track down my late grandparents 1961 Morris Oxfors Series 5. They purchased new in 1961 from Purnell Motors Arncliffe Sydney. I believe the car was last registered in 1988 and may have spent some time in Hazelbrook Blue Mountains up until very recently.

The vehicles 2 tone paintwork turquoise and white colour scheme making her easily identifiable as there weren't that many in that colour schere.

Anyone that may have information on her whereabouts it would be great to hear from you as I would love to find my grandparents old car.

Contact Rob Gawthorne on 0414 095 146 or

Added 10-11-2017





A30 Panelvan or Countryman Roof lining frames only front & back to suit . Makes things a lot quieter. Free to good home.

Contact Allan Hogg 9522 8184 / 0408 960 063 Miranda

Added 24-8-2017



Free to good home
* Road & track, American magazine, 1951 to 1972. Not all there! 3 boxes.

* Motor Sport. English magazine 1960's. Not all there! 3 boxes.

Contact Allan Hogg, Miranda NSW. Ph: 02 9522 8184

Added 16-11-2016



For Sale - Austin 1800 parts
I have several Austin 1800s mark one and two part's for sale, plus one Kimberley, all part's are 2nd hand.

Contact Ron on 0448 267 342 or

Added 14-06-2016